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NISI Filter Holder S6 Kit Landscape Sigma 14 F1.8

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NiSi Filter Holder S6 Kit Landscape Sigma 14mm F1.8

The advanced NiSi S6 filter holder is made of aluminum alloy and can accommodate up to three filters; Two 150 mm square filters (2 mm thick) and a supplied circular polarizing Landscape filter which is placed in a special compartment that allows it to be rotated 360 degrees with a couple of small, easily accessible exterior wheels. In this way, you can quickly and easily get the desired rotation of the polarizating filter without having to detach the holder.

No vinjetting!

On this S6 filter holder you can also lock the turning filterholder in any position, with the new designed locking screw.

The smart design makes it possible to simultaneously use both a standard ND filter, a graduated ND filter and a circular polarizing filter -- a very desired combination for landscape photography.

The S6 filter holder also have a new "flocking material on the inside of the holder: It will help to eliminate the inner reflections and avoid glaring on your pictures.

The NiSi S6 Filter Holder Kit comes with an adapter tailored for a particular ultra wide-angle lens that lacks normal filter thread. However, the adapter can be exchanged so that the holder can be used with other lenses if desired.

The polarizing filter is built for use in the S6 adapter and can not be mounted directly on a lens.
( Note: This S6 Polarizer filter can also be used on the S5 filter holder, but the S5 polarizer filter can not be used on the S6 filter holder!)

The new Octagon-design on the S6 filter holder, makes it easy and fast to install and unload your ND filters.

The Landscape version of NiSi's professional circular polarizing filter increases the intensity of polarization, provides a greater haze reduction and more uniform filter effect while it also manages to maintain a neutral color balance. Made from Nitto polarizing film, this is a CPL filter for the most demanding nature and travel photographers!

Features NiSi S6 Filter Holder

  • Made for full frame ultra-wide angle lenses
  • Can hold two 150 mm square filters plus a round polarizing filter
  • No vijetting
  • Can lock the turning filterholder in any position
  • Easy and fast to install and unload your ND filters.
  • Smart, easily accessible adjustment wheels for the polarizing filter
  • Made of metal (aluminum alloy) and have matt painting to avoid reflections
  • NiSi S6 Pouch, Landscape Polarizer Filter and Cap are included




NiSi filter tilbyr komplette firkantet filter system, perfekt for landskapsfotografer som er på utkikk etter høykvalitets filter og som i tillegg er enkle å bruke.

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