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AquaTech regnskydd AWS Large telephoto

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AquaTech regnskydd aws til large teleobjektiv

The AquaTech All Weather Shield is designed to provide your camera equipment with protection against nearly any environment, whether it is rain, salt, sun, dust or snow. The AWS Large consists of the AWS Primary and the AWS Large extension. The AWS primary can be used by itself for prime and smaller zoom lenses, with the option to add other extensions in small or medium to cater for other lens choices. The AWS Large will fit a maximum lens length including lens hood of 530mm.

The All Weather Shield is made from three ply Ripstop waterproof breathable fabric. The Ripstop woven face fabric makes it very strong and with exceptional abrasion resistance but at the same time is very light and compacts easily. The fabric is also treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) for excellent water shredding performance.

The adjustable front provides a watertight seal with the lens hood while the securing eyepiece (sold separately) allows weather-proof seal and a clear view through the viewfinder. Each AWS is tape seam sealed offering complete protection against even the harshest environments.

All AWS kits that include the AWS Primary are equipped with a silicone sealed window allowing full visual access to the main viewing LCD. Flaps on the AWS Primary allow access to the camera hot shoe connector. Camera Strap mounting loops are fitted to the AWS Primary. A waterproof sleeve allows safe and easy access to controls on your camera. A collapsible hood over the rear of the camera protects from weather and harsh lighting for a full clear superior view of the rear LCD screen.

Strong and reliable shock corded adjusters are fitted to keep the AWS snug against the lens in windy environments. An additional adjuster is fitted on the tripod sleeve attachment area to provide a snug fit and protection.

For the corresponding lens options for this product, please see the AWS REFERENCE CHART.

Required AquaTech Eyepiece sold separately.


  • Dimensions: 23 x 8.0” (58.42 x 20.32cm) – (Length x Diameter)
  • Weight: 16 oz (454g)
  • Material: 3 ply Ripstop waterproof fabric, YKK Zips




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